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Griffin Industrustries’ Capabilities

Our equipment ranges from 12 ton to 250 ton capacity, with a variety of bed sizes to handle many jobs. Most of our presses have slit-coil capabilities with automatic feed systems. Our facilities include in-house die maintenance and repair, including sharpening of dies. We can include a die maintenance program with any project.

Press – Feed Lines

250 Ton Steelweld Straight side-36×84 Bed w/18” Air Feed
250 Ton Bliss C-250 OBI-34×57 Bed w/24” Air Feed
175 Ton Clearing Gap Frame-20×84 Bed w/12” Servo Feed
135 Ton Niagara Gap Frame-30×72 Bed w/24” Servo Feed
125 Ton Johnson Straight side -VS-30×52 Bed w/18” Air Feed
125 Ton Rockford OBI-VS-26×42 Bed w/12” Air Feed
110 Ton Aida Gap Frame-VS-22×42 Bed w/18” Air Feed
100 Ton Havir Straightside-VS-32×39 Bed w/18” Air Feed
100 Ton Clearing Straightside-40 x 40 Bed w/18” Air Feed
60 Ton Bliss C60-OBI-22 x 32 Bed w/12” Servo Feed
60 Ton Bliss C60-OBI-22 x 32 Bed w/12” Servo Feed
60 Ton Minster OBI-21 x 32 Bed w/ 8” Air Feed
60 Ton Barco OBI-22×32 Bed w/12” Servo Feed
35 Ton Bliss C35 OBI 14×24 Bed w/6” Servo
32Ton Federal OBI 14×26 Bed w/6” Air Feed
30 Ton V&O Gap Frame 14×24 Bed w/Air Feed


Cincinnati 6’ x 10 Gauge with Power Back Gage

Secondary Operation Presses

90 Ton Niagara OBI-22.5×35 Bed
60 Ton Bliss Knee Press Back Gear 22×32 Bed
40 Ton Bliss Knee Press
22 Ton Bliss OBI
20 Ton Rockford Knee Press
12 Ton Armorcraft

Press Brakes

225 Ton Cincinatti-10’x12’-Auto Cycle
150 Ton Chicago-10’x12’
90 Ton Chicago-6’x8’
40 Ton Chicago-5’x6’

Packaging Options

Loose Containers