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Commonly Manufactured Products


Motor Mounts

Fan Blades

Fan Housings


Sign Channels

J Channels

C Channel

Card Holders

Shelving Parts




Base Plates

Pipe Caps




Spanner Wrenches





UPC Tabs

J & C Clips

Commonly Manufactured Products

Brackets, Motor Mounts, Fan Blades, Fan Housings, Clips, Sign Channels J Channels , C Channel, Card Holders, Shelving Parts, Covers, Boxes, Tabs, Base Plates, Pipe Caps, Hemispheres, Covers, Lids, Spanner Wrenches, Angles, Boxes, Lugs, Hinges, UPC Tabs, J Clips & C Clips.


Our stamping operation includes 22 presses ranging from as little as 12 ton to as much as 250 ton capacity. All presses 30 ton and higher have the ability to automatically feed and straighten slit-coil material, which helps to improve quality and  lower the unit cost of each part.

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Press Brake

We have four press brakes ranging from 40 ton to 225 ton capacity. Our extensive inventory of dies means we can make many parts without having to go through the die creation process, which can save you both time and money.

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CNC Plasma Cutting

Our Dynatorch CNC Plasma can cut steel from 26 gauge through 1″ plate. We can handle sheet sizes up to 48″ x 96″, and can import most cad files. We can even convert images and pictures into cutting files.

Multi-Head Drilling & Tapping

We now have a multi head drilling and tapping unit, capable of drilling/tapping up to 10 holes simultaneously, and with tight tolerances.

Component Options

Many options are available for your components including deburring, painting, powder coating and galvanizing. We have a wide varitety of options to assist in production of your parts. We offer bagging services for those parts which need to be grouped in smaller quantities.

Die Service

Customized die programs are available, including lifetime die maintenance. In-house services can consist of sharpening, resetting of punches/tools, and lubrication. We have surface grinders of varying sizes to allow us to quickly and accurately sharpen the die surface. This ensures your parts are formed the way you intended.